Veterinary Illustrations

Using your expert guidance we can create images that make your research accessible to fellow veterinarians and wider audiences.
Juliana’s didactic graphics bring important research, care, and surgical procedures to life. With her background in mammalian skeletal reconstruction and her experience with animal dissection, Juliana’s images are both accurate and engaging for viewers from student to scientist.

As a veterinarian, you often share surgical procedures, research, anatomical studies, and unique morphologies with colleagues, researchers, and the public. Didactic graphics can make this process easier and more efficient.

Wildlife Veterinarians:
The complicated and time-sensitive procedures involved in performing surgeries in the field necessitate standardized protocols. Juliana’s illustrations can help systematize critical sampling procedures when multiple teams are responsible for data collection.
Juliana’s firsthand experience working with wildlife veterinarians in the field gives her an understanding of the particular challenges of illustrating for this field of medicine.

In order to achieve the most accurate and concise results possible, Juliana participates in a number of fact collecting exercises before illustrating begins. If possible she will attend necessary surgeries or field research, perform anatomical dissections, and prepare her own research.


“Juliana is more thorough in her background research than our typical scientific university students. She picks up things very quickly. ”

—Dr. Jon M. Arnemo, DVM, PhD, Professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Collaborated on: Hunting of large game with lead-based ammunition: A case study on how a modern society is deliberately poisoning scavenging wildlife

“Juliana has the skill to merge science with art – her professional work is both scientifically correct and true to animals as species, as well as individuals. Working with her to identify the best possible way to communicate research findings artistically was a great pleasure.”

—Tim Horstkotte, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Collaborated on: Challenges and Opportunities with Supplementary Feeding in Reindeer Husbandry

“Juliana has an amazing talent when it comes to transforming what one needs to explain into a very informative, but also beautiful, illustration.”

—Researcher Luc Le Grande, MS, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Collaborated on: The Behavioral and Physiological Response of Scandinavian Brown Bears to Dog Hunts and Human Encounters