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Whether you are a researcher, a doctor, a veterinarian, or a biologist, illustrations can connect you with a wider audience, and encourage enthusiasm and understanding of your research. The process of requesting an illustration is as easy as reaching out. Begin by contacting me with information about the project you are engaged in.

Next we can speak over the phone, on Skype, or in person depending on your location. I have clients from around the world, and location is never an issue. Once we speak about the specifications of you work I will draw up a quote and a contract. If you agree to my pricing and conditions we can begin working together to create illustrations that bring your research to life. At this time we will also discuss the style and look of the illustration. With my experience creating illustrations for various applications I can help guide you to make the best decisions about the look of promotional material, surgical illustrations, journal figures, editorial images and more.

I begin the illustration process by engaging in a number of fact gathering activities. If necessary I will attend surgeries, perform anatomical dissections, take measurements, and come to an in depth understanding of the topic at issue. From this I will derive sketches of our final product, which I will share with you for your approval. Once the sketches are okayed I will make a final illustration. Depending on the complexity of the illustration and my workload illustrations can take between 2 weeks and a month to complete. If there is insufficient information, or you make substantial changes to your original request the process may be lengthened.

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