Editorial Illustrations

With experience producing work for journals, magazines, and documentaries, Juliana understands how to develop imagery for various outlets.
Using your expert guidance Juliana will create images that bring your research to life. Juliana can work in a variety of stylistic variations depending on your desires and the specifications of the publisher.

Precise and instructive graphics can transform complicated research into approachable imagery. Work with Juliana to create a “graphic abstract” for your next manuscript. Graphic abstracts clarify the findings of your research paper quickly and easily for audiences and reviewers.

Popular Science:
Making complex research concise and engaging for the general public can be key to the wider success of you research project. When the general public grasps the importance of your research, funding and support can jump dramatically.
With her focus on accuracy and her insight into what makes an image captivating, Juliana is able to create engaging illustrations that draw the public's eye and guide them adeptly through the intricacies of a subject.

Creating editorial illustrations is a delicate balance between the art of omission and the art of clarification.
In order to achieve the most accurate and concise results possible, Juliana participates in a number of fact collecting exercises before illustrating begins. If possible she will attend necessary surgeries, perform anatomical dissections, attend meetings with researchers, and prepare her own research.


“Juliana is more thorough in her background research than our typical scientific university students. She picks up things very quickly. ”

—Dr. Jon M. Arnemo, DVM, PhD, Professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Collaborated on: Hunting of large game with lead-based ammunition: A case study on how a modern society is deliberately poisoning scavenging wildlife

“Juliana is highly gifted and dedicated in her work. I have seen many examples of her illustration art, and have found it consistently exceptional. She is someone to whom I would give the highest recommendation.”

—David M. Carroll, Scientific Illustrator and MacArthur Award Winner

“Juliana has an amazing talent when it comes to transforming what one needs to explain into a very informative, but also beautiful, illustration.”

—Researcher Luc Le Grande, MS, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Collaborated on: The Behavioral and Physiological Response of Scandinavian Brown Bears to Dog Hunts and Human Encounters